Understanding Breached Forums, Places Allegedly Leaking Indonesian Citizens’ Data

Terkini.id, Jakarta – Breached Forums have become a popular topic discussed by the public lately because of the issue of cases of data leakage of Indonesian citizens. So far, there have been four cases of data leaks allegedly belonging to the Indonesian people. This case began with the leak of PLN customer data that occurred on August 19, 2022. Then on August 21, 2022, Indihome customer data experienced the same thing. Then the SIM card data of Indonesian citizens was also allegedly leaked by the hacker.

On September 6, 2022, it was the turn of KPU data which was found to be scattered in cyberspace. It is known that the hacker who announced the leak of Indonesian citizen data through Breached Forums. Reported by latest.id from kompas.com, Breached Forums is a website in the form of an online discussion forum.

The address of this site is breached.to. Breached Forums can be accessed by anyone using internet access. The form of Breached Forums itself is not much different from the Kaskus website which has been circulating in Indonesia for a long time. Even Breached Forums and Kaskus operating systems have similarities. When internet users enter the Breached Forums website, you will find various types of discussion forums consisting of Marketplace, Tutorials, General and many more. Also Read: Regarding Data Leakage Issues, Johnny G Plate Calls Kominfo…

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