What is SoftwareHouse? Here’s the Service and Structure

What is SoftwareHouse?
Software house is a company that is engaged in the field of application development (software development). The application can be developed either by individual actors or by a group such as a legal entity company.

The main purpose of this software house is to make the application desired by the client or what we usually call Customize. These clients can come from various owners of small to large scale companies.

Even to work in a software house company, of course you must have special abilities in the IT (Information Technology) field. At least in it there must be an IT Agency or IT Specialist who is an expert in application development matters.

Large companies that are now developed such as: Microsoft, Apple Inc., Google Inc., and Oracle Corporation are real examples of software house companies.

House Software Company Services
What are the services provided by the software house company? And here are some of the services they provide in general as follows:

  1. Development of Web-Based Applications
    The software house will provide application development services based on the website and its design. That way they must have excellent programming language skills in website creation.

One example of this service is the creation of E-Learning and school or campus websites.

  1. Mobile-Based Application Development
    Along with the times, smartphone users are increasing. This can not be separated from the many applications that are very useful in it. Smartphone users will find it easier to do various things from playing games, shopping online, and so on.

One of these applications is made by a software house company.

  1. Development of Desktop-Based Applications
    Desktop based application creation is the most popular service for software house companies. Making this application usually uses a programming language that is popular in Indonesia. Some of them are VB.Net, Visual Basic, Java, and Delphi.
  2. Graphic Design Service
    Usually the software house will also offer graphic design services. Because at this time there are many industrial companies that need these services such as logos. A logo is something that is very mandatory for an industrial company so that it can be known by many people or branding.
  3. Multimedia Services
    In addition to offering design services, the software house will also offer multimedia creation services, one of which is animation making. Multimedia is a very important aspect of an industrial company, one of which is for advertising needs.

Software House Structure
The characteristics possessed by one software house company with other companies are indeed not the same, but if viewed from the structure of software development, they are usually the same. These structures include the following:

  1. Programmer
    Programmers must be owned by every software house company because they are the ones who will make the software. They will build the program according to the instructions given by the System Analyst.
  2. Project Manager
    A Project Manager has full control over the projects being worked on by the software house. They have responsibility for projects carried out by programmers, System Analysts, Product Owners, to Testers.
  3. System Analyst
    The task of a System Analyst is to analyze the needs of the application that will be made by the programmer by providing the best solution by making the system more efficient and practical.

The analyst will also analyze various lines, either from the development side or from the client side.

  1. Product Owner
    Someone who bridges the programmer with the client is the Product Owner. That way, a product owner must have good communication skills, because they will communicate directly with clients as well as programmers who interact with each other to complete the best solution.
  2. Tester
    The software created by the programmer will be tested by a tester, who in the test will be tested based on the standard operating system of each Software House agency.

Software testing is very mandatory, the main goal is to avoid unwanted things such as bugs, crashes, errors, and force closes.

This means that testing by a tester must be detailed and must be perfect before the system made is submitted to the client or demo.


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